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New Halo 4 Trailer

Jun 2012

The latest Halo 4 trailer, straight from its showing at E3!


Max Payne Movie Starring… Markie Mark?

Sep 2008
For those of you that know of and have played the excellent video game Max Payne, they made a movie that is coming out next month. It has a surprisingly decent cast for a video game to movie spin off. Marylin Manson playing in the background of the trailer makes it twisted, dark, and great. Check out the movie trailer here.
Where is the Pink Flamingo in my Valkyrie induced “trip”?
– Ahku

Xbox 360 price drop and rumors

Jul 2008

Seems like its confirmed that the Xbox 360 is getting a price drop on its Pro Model from 350 to 300.  Although there have been rumors that they are putting the price drop on the the 20 gig systems to sell the stock of that to make room for the newer 60 gig that they will probably announce at E3. 

Just as a side note, Im not sure whats more irritating for the current generation of systems, the constant rehashes(xbox, playstation), the fake shortages(nintendo, although it could just be really good quality control), 1 in 3 failiure rate (microsoft), or the lack of good 3rd party support (nintendo).  And the worst of it is that they can do it all cause  they know im gonna have all the systems eventually anyway.


Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Nov 2007

Our friends over at GameBlisters got wind of a new Ghostbusters video game coming out sometime next year, and the screenshots are lookin’ pretty good at this point. We’ll get you more info as it becomes available.


New Star Wars Game: The Force Unleashed Trailer

Oct 2007

New Halo 3 Commercial

Sep 2007

I just caught this new Halo 3 commercial on SportCenter. It depicts what appears to be scenes from a war where mankind is being slaughtered and dominated by their alien oppressors.

Then, at the very end there’s a glimmer of hope that only Master Chief can bring you. Couple that with some nice dramatic piano play, and you’ve got a friggin’ fantastic video game commercial.


Ninja Gaiden 2 Trailer

Sep 2007

New teaser trailer and live game shots from the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 2 game coming to X-BOX 360.  Now if only if Ryu Hayabusa could use that katana to cut through those “red ring of death” problems on the X-Box, we’ll be all set.


Halo 3 Music Video (Breaking Benjamin)

Aug 2007

I’m a big fan of Breaking Benjamin, and when I saw this video of the latest Halo 3 video being played to the their jam “Breath”, I had to post it.

I can’t wait until that game hits the 360, with the only bad thing being that it’s the final installment in the series. But given that the series has almost single-handedly kept the XBOX relevant, who knows if it’ll stay in retirement. Regardless, hail to the (master) chief.

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