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Transformers Movie Already Breaking Records

Jul 2007

Transformers box office money

With all of the buzz surrounding the release of the latest Transformers movie, we can’t say that we’re completely surprised that it’s already setting box office records.

What is surprising is that within 28 hours, Transformers has grossed over $35 million dollars. To put that into perspective, the previous Tuesday record holder was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Transformers brought in $27 Mil in one day compared to only $16 Mil by Captain Jack’s second movie last year.

The reviews of the movie has been somewhat mixed so far, but we’ll let you know what we think after we get away from the holiday BBQ’s and into an air-conditioned theater.

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Stephen Colbert on Transformers

Jun 2007

Colbert Transformers

Here’s a funny clip from our friends at Gizmodo replaying a cut from the The Colbert Report.  Mr. Stephen Colbert makes some funny commentary on the new Transformers movie due to hit theaters next week. I gotta agree with Stevie on this one, “you can’t trust a Tranny!”


The Return of Optimus Prime

Jun 2007

I found this hilarious video on YouTube and it is priceless. The voices are so good that I actually believed it was legit at first. If you’re a fan of the original Transformers series, you’ll love this spoof of the return of Optimus Prime.


REAL Transformers

Jun 2007

Oh snap! Check out these hardcore uber nerds as they show you more than meets the eye! Fuck you Michael Bay, this is how we roll!


Optimus Prime the Bestest Hero Ever?

Jun 2007


So what do you guys think? Of all the heroes in the world (real and imaginary), is Optimus Prime the ultimate badass or just a really heavy piece of Red, White & Blue machinery?

Here’s a great spoof on how the Return of Optimus Prime really should’ve went down. It’s friggin’ hilarious, especially when he starts yelling at Rodimus for “driving this company into the ground!” Classic!

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