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Great Amalgam of 80’s Heroes & Cartoons

Jul 2012

Great piece of work by the incomparable J. Scott Campbell.



New Classic Transformers

Jul 2008

Just noticed the re-release of the classic line from Hasbro which are very well made.  For any fan of the series but doesnt want some thrown together crap like some of the movie toys, I suggest the classic line.  This is called “Transformers Universe Classic Deluxe and Ultra Wave 1”.  I hope to see more of this line released in the future.


Transformers 2: Revenge for the Fallen

Jun 2008

Transformers Movie Poster

Our friends over at Gizmodo are confirming that the name for the Transformers Movie sequel will be Revenge for the Fallen.

Yet another movie sequel title where someone’s got to get revenge for something that happened in the original film for whatever reason. Rumor has it that the third installment of the original Star Wars trilogy was to be named Revenge of the Jedi, but got changed to give it less of a negative spin (silly Lucas, Jedi don’t get revenge!)

No pics on the new movie posters yet, but we’ll post those up as soon as Michael Bay decides which robotic eyeball he wants to zoom in on. Stay tuned to FavoriteHero for future updates.


The Voice of Optimus Prime

Jul 2007

I WISH I could have Optimus Prime do my voice mail. If you ever wondered what the real life face of Optimus looks like, here it is. Meet Peter Cullen.

After the jump is a bonus video. This clip teams him up with the original Megatron (Frank Welker). The voice of Megatron in the new movie is Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), but I think he probably just punched Welker in the chest and made a cheap copy of himself. Silly program…


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Transformers Box-Office Numbers

Jul 2007

Transformers box office money

So after breaking the 4th of July box-office record set by Spider-man 2 ($29.1 Million), it rumbled through the weekend to make $152.5 Million in the states (and $246.1 Million worldwide). Those numbers easily surpass all of the production and marketing costs associated with the film, which should continue to see a steady stream of ticket sales despite the release of the new Harry Potter movie coming out this Wednesday (July 11th).

Add to that all of the merchandising sales from the movie and the record setting DVD sales that are sure to come, is there any doubt that subsequent sequels are sure to come? Michael Bay seems to think so.


New Transformers Music Video

Jul 2007

This music video is simply BADASS. For those of you who remember the original Transformers theme from the first animated movie, you’ll be delightfully surprised by this rendition from the new movie (performed by Black Lab). I know, you’ve probably never heard of Black Lab, but do you even remember who sang the original? Exactly.

It’s a little less cheezy eighties rock, but similar enough for this to bring back all the great memories of the original. I hope you Transformer fanboys (and girls) enjoy this one as much as I did!

Check back soon for an AMV from the original animated movie, produced by one of the senior editors of


Remote Controlled Transformers

Jul 2007

Here’s a demonstration video from Japan, featuring a radio controlled transforming robot.  I’m convinced that the Japanese have real life transformers in a hidden army in Mt. Fuji.  And I’m not talking about these cardboard soldiers, I mean the badass mechs that are based on some far out alien technology.