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Spider-man Pisses Himself

Aug 2007

Ever wonder what happens when your friendly neighborhood Spider-man needs to use the potty? How in the world DOES he get out of that one piece jumpsuit to take a leak? This vid (British I think?) takes a funny look at what probably happens when the camera’s aren’t running and he’s not saving New York from some wacko villain.


Original Spider-man Theme Song

Aug 2007

I just saw this video of the opening titles to the old school Spider-man cartoon and had to post it. It must’ve been at least twenty years since I sang along to this as a kid and it reminds me of happier times. God I sound like an old man… anyways enjoy!


Spider-man 4, 5, and 6

Jul 2007

Spider-man Movie Poster

In case you haven’t heard, Sony Pictures has confirmed that they’ve signed on for three more Spider-man movies. Prior to the recent release of the new Transformers movie, Spider-man 3 held the record for the highest grossing for a new release, making over $149 million it’s opening weekend. So it shouldn’t be that surprising that the movie studios would be more than open to the idea of continuing the Spider-man series beyond the original trilogy.

Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire have expressed interest in reprising their roles in the superhero saga, but only if the script and the right cast were reassembled. The one major piece in making this whole thing happen is whether or not Sam Raimi would be at the reins again, directing and writing as he did in the three previous installments. Raimi has stated that he’s “too tired” to work on any Spider-man related projects anytime in the near future, though did not rule out the possibility of starting back up a couple years later.

Only time will tell. Since the movie only released a couple months ago, we will have to wait a couple years and see if Sony Pictures can keep the same cast together and continue to crank out the same quality pictures that aren’t common nowadays in the superhero biz. (compliments of