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Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent in Upcoming Superman Movie

Jun 2011
Kevin Costner jon kent pa kent

Kevin Costner to Play Jonathan Kent

The Huffington Post has reported that Kevin Costner will be playing Jonathan Kent, the “earthly” father to Clark Kent (AKA Superman) in the upcoming reboot of the movie franchise.

Martha Kent has also been cast to Diane Lane according to recent reports.

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Superman Reboot: Artists Rendition of Henry Cavill as Man of Steel

Jun 2011
Superman Reboot Henry Cavill Tudors duke of norfolk

Henry Cavill as Superman - Man of Steel

By now I’m sure most have heard about the Superman Reboot that’s in the works with Zach Snyder (director of Watchmen) and Chris Nolan (director of the highly successful Batman movies).

There has also been confirmation that the role of Superman has been cast in  favor of Henry Cavill (known from his roles on the Showtime series The Tudors).

The image above is just an artist rendition of what Mr. Cavill would potentially look like in the red and blue.  You’ll notice that he bares a striking resemblance the Christopher Reeves Superman (in particular his hair).

What he will actually look like we won’t know until filming begins, but make sure to stay tuned to for all the Superman updates!


Lex Luthor Next Freddy Krueger?

Mar 2008

Michael Rosenbaum

Our friends at are reporting that Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum has been in extended discussions with Michael Bay for what many are speculating to be a part in his upcoming remake of the horror classic Nightmare on Elm Street.

Who knows, if everything works out maybe Rosenbaum can re-re-release another terrible horror interpretation of the Phantom of the Opera. Here’s hoping…


Dean Cain on Smallville

Aug 2007

Dean Cain Smallville

Dean Cain (of Lois and Clark fame) will be making a guest appearance during the 7th season of the highly successful CW show Smallville. He will be playing the role of Dr. Curtix Knox, a murderous villan, during the fourth episode to air this season.

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Smallville Casts Supergirl

Jul 2007

supergirl, Laura Vandervoort

According to People magazine, the CW’s “Smallville” just signed on Laura Vandervoort to play Supergirl in the popular Superman television series. Playing the character “Kara,” Vandervoort will act as Clark Kent’s cousin, and potential love interest to Jimmy Olsen. More details to follow as we get them.

Update: New pic of the beautiful Laura Vandervoort in her new Supergirl getup. There’s no cape to be seen, but we are talking about Smallville.