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Pro Stars Cartoon: Wholesome Corny Goodness

May 2008

Wow, I just caught this Saturday morning cartoon intro for a show that apparently featured super-hero versions of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bo Jackson (?).  I’d have to imagine that this got thrown together at the height of Nike’s marketing campaign for Bo, because I don’t recall him having a very remarkable career in either Football or Baseball.

Really amusing stuff, as these three superstars of the 80’s and 90’s battle crime using their remarkable athletic abilities (coupled with some rocket boosters) to stop evil villains in their tracks.  Alright, the premise is pretty corny, but is worshiping a sponge wearing square pants any more reasonable?


Knight Elf Mohawk… Mr T Does World of Warcraft

Dec 2007

Here’s a hilarious commercial posted by our friends at GameBlisters, with Mr T ranting about his new found obsession, World of Warcraft.  Thanks for the link Cava.


Greatest American Hero – Retro Cool

Sep 2007

I was talking with some of my old college buddies and was reminded of this show. It was good clean family humor from the 80s. For the kiddies out there, it is about a schoolteacher that got this super hero suit from aliens in order to save/change the world, but he didn’t get the instruction manual to use it. Slapstick moments would appear as he ran into walls or discovered a new ability that he didn’t know how to turn off.

I may just have to pick up the DVD set tomorrow.

This has been an “Ahku Joint” (not Spike Lee)

See a video of what happened to our hero 25 years later after the jump.
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