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Official Beowulf Trailer

Aug 2007

For those that haven’t heard, there is a new Beowulf movie coming out later this year starring Angelina Jolie and Anthony Hopkins. We’ve got the first official trailer from the upcoming movie, but if you want more you can always check out their official movie site.

After you’ve seen the movie you’re gonna be amazed by the fact that NONE of it is live action, but fully rendered CGI. It’ll would be nice to see a good CGI movie that isn’t based on a bunch of toys or furry little creatures.

Stay tuned for more updated news about this upcoming Beowulf movie.


Dean Cain on Smallville

Aug 2007

Dean Cain Smallville

Dean Cain (of Lois and Clark fame) will be making a guest appearance during the 7th season of the highly successful CW show Smallville. He will be playing the role of Dr. Curtix Knox, a murderous villan, during the fourth episode to air this season.

Compliments of our friends at SuperHeroHype.


New Iron Man Costume Revealed

Aug 2007

At the recent San Diego Comic-Con, John Favreau (director) and Robet Downey Jr (Iron Man) unveiled the “Mark I” costume which is set to appear in their upcoming Iron Man movie. Take notice that the “Mark I” outfit is actually the first metallic grey costume that Iron Man uses and not the orange and red version that we’re generally more used to.

Either way, it’s a pretty sweet glimpse that are looking forward to the movie, and I’m sure there’ll be more to come as we get closer to the launch of the movie. For some movie shots and information, check out our previous post. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters next year.


Smallville Casts Supergirl

Jul 2007

supergirl, Laura Vandervoort

According to People magazine, the CW’s “Smallville” just signed on Laura Vandervoort to play Supergirl in the popular Superman television series. Playing the character “Kara,” Vandervoort will act as Clark Kent’s cousin, and potential love interest to Jimmy Olsen. More details to follow as we get them.

Update: New pic of the beautiful Laura Vandervoort in her new Supergirl getup. There’s no cape to be seen, but we are talking about Smallville.