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Lex Luthor Next Freddy Krueger?

Mar 2008

Michael Rosenbaum

Our friends at are reporting that Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum has been in extended discussions with Michael Bay for what many are speculating to be a part in his upcoming remake of the horror classic Nightmare on Elm Street.

Who knows, if everything works out maybe Rosenbaum can re-re-release another terrible horror interpretation of the Phantom of the Opera. Here’s hoping…


New James Bond Poster – Quantum of Solace

Feb 2008

james bond

Looks like Bond is back, in what figures to be a direct sequel to Casino Royal. Taking place just moments following the end of the last James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace looks to continue the theme of James Bond still learning the ropes and finding his way to the vodka martini (shaken not stirred).

Personally, I was a big fan of how the last movie ended, so picking things up right where they ended is a big plus for me. “He had his heart broken at the end of the last movie and that certainly is a spur for him in this one” stated Daniel Craig, who will reprise his role as 007 himself.

Thanks for the link Cava.


Actor Playing New Joker Found Dead

Jan 2008

Heath Ledger Joker

Heath Ledger, the actor playing the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie, was found dead in his New York apartment from what appeared to be an unintentional overdose of prescription medication. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this very talented actor who passed well before his time.


Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Nov 2007

Our friends over at GameBlisters got wind of a new Ghostbusters video game coming out sometime next year, and the screenshots are lookin’ pretty good at this point. We’ll get you more info as it becomes available.


Chewie Impersonator in Court

Sep 2007

Chewbacca what a Wookie

Ever wonder what a “professional” Chewbacca impersonator actually looked like? Yeah, me neither, but check out this guy who showed up on an episode of Judge Joe Brown for what appears to be aggravated assault.

Wait for it… wait for it… “It’s not wise to upset a wookie.”


The New Hulk Looks Like… Jose Conseco???

Aug 2007

The most recent ComicCon had a short video showing off the look of the new Hulk movie, starring Edward Norton Jr. And yes, he does look a little bit like that steroid abuser/whistle-blower Jose Conseco. Without the slugging average of course.

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Rob Zombie’s New “Halloween” Trailer!

Aug 2007

I’m generally very negative about remakes of movie classics. But in the case of the new Halloween, I’m thinking Rob Zombie is twisted enough to actually put something interesting on screen.

From the looks of this trailer, Bobby Zombie (as good friends call him) keeps the mask like it was and most importantly, the music intact. Of course replacing Jaimee Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasance is no simple task, but I’m not going to make any final judgements until I’ve seen this flick.