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Big Apple Comicon 2009

Oct 2009

Wow, what a great weekend.  Filled with movie stars, famous artists, upcoming game previews and anything else you could want (assuming you have a single nerd bone in your body).

Stars ranging from Billy Dee Williams to Thomas Jayne were in attendance giving photo ops and autographs, while in the artists alley, you can get autographs of prints or even custom Comic covers or artwork drawn on the spot for you.

We have a number of picks to give a little taste of the Big Apple Comicon ’09 after the jump!

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Xbox 360 price drop and rumors

Jul 2008

Seems like its confirmed that the Xbox 360 is getting a price drop on its Pro Model from 350 to 300.  Although there have been rumors that they are putting the price drop on the the 20 gig systems to sell the stock of that to make room for the newer 60 gig that they will probably announce at E3. 

Just as a side note, Im not sure whats more irritating for the current generation of systems, the constant rehashes(xbox, playstation), the fake shortages(nintendo, although it could just be really good quality control), 1 in 3 failiure rate (microsoft), or the lack of good 3rd party support (nintendo).  And the worst of it is that they can do it all cause  they know im gonna have all the systems eventually anyway.


New X-Files Movie Trailer – I Want to Believe

May 2008

We just got wind of this new X-Files movie trailer that just hit YouTube this week.  At first it appears to be just another serial killer/murder mystery possibly starring Morgan Freeman or Ashley Judd, but out of nowhere you hear that little X-Files jingle that hasn’t been heard on the big or small screen in years.

The initial trailer doesn’t appear to have a bunch of UFO’s flying around, but we hope to get a better peak in the upcoming weeks of what we can expect.  Fans of the show should be happy to see the Scully-Mulder
dynamic duo back in action.


Pro Stars Cartoon: Wholesome Corny Goodness

May 2008

Wow, I just caught this Saturday morning cartoon intro for a show that apparently featured super-hero versions of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bo Jackson (?).  I’d have to imagine that this got thrown together at the height of Nike’s marketing campaign for Bo, because I don’t recall him having a very remarkable career in either Football or Baseball.

Really amusing stuff, as these three superstars of the 80’s and 90’s battle crime using their remarkable athletic abilities (coupled with some rocket boosters) to stop evil villains in their tracks.  Alright, the premise is pretty corny, but is worshiping a sponge wearing square pants any more reasonable?


Batmobile 4 Sale: Rockets Not Included

May 2008

Batmobile 4 Sale

Our friends at Gizmodo caught wind of one of the classic Batmobiles from Tim Burton’s Batman movies is going on sale on eBay (what else). Coming in a just under 20 ft long, 8 ft wide, and about 3 inches off the ground, this bad boy might be more suited for showroom rather than driving the kids to soccer practice.

We looked this up on eBay, but were only able to find a bunch of Batmobile Hotwheels toys. I guess eBay realizes that our past transactions only qualifies us for the 99 cent childrens toys.


Iron Man Crushes Box Office: Studio Plans Sequel

May 2008

It should come as no surprise that following what was a monster opening weekend (in the neighborhood of $98.6 Million) Marvel Studios has announced plans to make an Iron Man sequel with a tentative launch date of April 2010. Those of us that stuck around until after the end credits of the movie probably saw this coming.

Coupled with a lot of fan buzz and overall good reviews, Iron Man got the summer started off on the right foot, and hopefully is an indication of what we can expect to see in the upcoming months.


Watchmen Movie in Production

Mar 2008


For those of you that are fans of Alan Moore and his successful comic book and film adaptations (V for Vendetta, From Hell), you’ll be pleased to know that Warner Brothers studios are scheduled to release a feature length film of Watchmen in March of 2009. Not much yet on the official movie site, but we at Favorite Hero will be sure to keep you updated as soon as more info is available.

Thanks for the link Cava.