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Iron Man Origami

Jun 2008

iron man origami

Our friends over at Gizmodo released some cool pics of these origami creations from a very talented Brian Chan.  Apparently he did all this using one piece of paper, and managed to do it without killing any terrorists.

**Update** Our guy Brian Chan is back at it again, with yet another fantastic origami creation, but this time of the soon to be pixar hit, Wall-E.  And for those that don’t believe he used a single sheet of paper, Giz even has a folding patterns used to create it.  We double-dog dare anyone to give it a go…


Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) Possible Hugh Heffner in Upcoming Flick

May 2008

Rober Downey Jr - Iron Man

According to Wizard Magazines, Robert Downey Jr is being approached to play the part of the legendary porn mogul, Hugh Hefner in an upcoming movie about his life.  Apparently Hugh himself thought that the role could be pulled off by Downey after seeing him play the part of Billionaire Playboy Tony Stark in the last Iron Man movie.

Of course, everything is still up in the air as Downey has yet to read the script and will likely decline the part if it’s about as entertaining the Playboy’s recent profit margins.  More to come at FH as things to develop.


Iron Man Crushes Box Office: Studio Plans Sequel

May 2008

It should come as no surprise that following what was a monster opening weekend (in the neighborhood of $98.6 Million) Marvel Studios has announced plans to make an Iron Man sequel with a tentative launch date of April 2010. Those of us that stuck around until after the end credits of the movie probably saw this coming.

Coupled with a lot of fan buzz and overall good reviews, Iron Man got the summer started off on the right foot, and hopefully is an indication of what we can expect to see in the upcoming months.


Official Iron Man Movie Trailer

Sep 2007

For those of you that have been following along with all the news on the Iron Man movie releasing next year, you’re in for a treat. We have the official theatrical trailer featuring Iron Man beating up a bunch of terrorist bad guys and pulling off his best Superman impersonation.

Check back here for more news to come.


New Iron Man Costume Revealed

Aug 2007

At the recent San Diego Comic-Con, John Favreau (director) and Robet Downey Jr (Iron Man) unveiled the “Mark I” costume which is set to appear in their upcoming Iron Man movie. Take notice that the “Mark I” outfit is actually the first metallic grey costume that Iron Man uses and not the orange and red version that we’re generally more used to.

Either way, it’s a pretty sweet glimpse that are looking forward to the movie, and I’m sure there’ll be more to come as we get closer to the launch of the movie. For some movie shots and information, check out our previous post. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters next year.


New Iron Man Pictures

Jul 2007

Iron Man Movie Poster

Here are some new shots from the upcoming Iron Man movie, starring Robert Downey Jr. as Mr. Iron Man himself. Now if only Iron Man can stay off the sauce, maybe he can help save what could potentially be a terrible movie. Oh yeah, that might not be a bad idea for Mr. Downey either.

More pics after the jump!

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