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Star Wars (Imperial March) off Floppy Disk

Jun 2008

Just caught this movie link of the Star Wars Imperial March being played off what appears to be a 3.5 inch floppy disk (it pains me that I need to put a Wiki link here for this).  Not quite sure how this thing is setup or manages to play music, but the geek inside of me is impressed.

Thanks for the link Cava.


Pro Stars Cartoon: Wholesome Corny Goodness

May 2008

Wow, I just caught this Saturday morning cartoon intro for a show that apparently featured super-hero versions of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bo Jackson (?).  I’d have to imagine that this got thrown together at the height of Nike’s marketing campaign for Bo, because I don’t recall him having a very remarkable career in either Football or Baseball.

Really amusing stuff, as these three superstars of the 80’s and 90’s battle crime using their remarkable athletic abilities (coupled with some rocket boosters) to stop evil villains in their tracks.  Alright, the premise is pretty corny, but is worshiping a sponge wearing square pants any more reasonable?


Chuck Norris Jeans… INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Oct 2007

Chuck Norris Jeans Ad

Part joke, part reality, this little gem from the eighties features Chuck Norris endorsed denim jeans. I love how they feature a lifetime warranty. It should include an asterisk stating “guaranteed to last for as long as Chuck Norris allows you to live.”


Chewie Impersonator in Court

Sep 2007

Chewbacca what a Wookie

Ever wonder what a “professional” Chewbacca impersonator actually looked like? Yeah, me neither, but check out this guy who showed up on an episode of Judge Joe Brown for what appears to be aggravated assault.

Wait for it… wait for it… “It’s not wise to upset a wookie.”


Simpsons Intro (Star Wars Style)

Sep 2007

Funny take on the Simpsons intro song, done in the Star Wars universe. Gotta love Homer playing Darth Vader, which actually makes me wonder what an entire episode would be like devoted to that theme. Got that Fox?


Spider-man Pisses Himself

Aug 2007

Ever wonder what happens when your friendly neighborhood Spider-man needs to use the potty? How in the world DOES he get out of that one piece jumpsuit to take a leak? This vid (British I think?) takes a funny look at what probably happens when the camera’s aren’t running and he’s not saving New York from some wacko villain.