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Darth Vader in Love

Nov 2007

This is HILARIOUS! …or should I say “comically smashing” since it was made by the people across the pond. This explains a lot about Darth Vader. This shows his angst stems from a strong case of N.G.A. (Not Getting Any). I guess he hasn’t been getting much shore leave in Mos Eisley to relieve his stress with some “working girls”. Maybe with some booty he wouldn’t go around choking things so often…

Check out the next 3 clips after the jump:

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New Star Wars Game: The Force Unleashed Trailer

Oct 2007

Simpsons Intro (Star Wars Style)

Sep 2007

Funny take on the Simpsons intro song, done in the Star Wars universe. Gotta love Homer playing Darth Vader, which actually makes me wonder what an entire episode would be like devoted to that theme. Got that Fox?


Chad Vader – Darth Vader Meets Clerks

Jul 2007

Just as the title suggests, Chad Vader is a video spoof on Darth Vader as he does his best to try and manage a local supermarket. It definitely has some funny moments (especially if you enjoy Star Wars humor) but sometimes feels like it might be “forcing” it a bit. (oh god, I gotta get out more)

I definitely have to give props to the guy doing Vader’s voice, as I probably would believed it was Mr. James Earl Jones himself if I didn’t know any better. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the short clip.

And if you liked that one, you can always make the jump and catch the rest of the episodes.

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