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Darth Vader in Love

Nov 2007

This is HILARIOUS! …or should I say “comically smashing” since it was made by the people across the pond. This explains a lot about Darth Vader. This shows his angst stems from a strong case of N.G.A. (Not Getting Any). I guess he hasn’t been getting much shore leave in Mos Eisley to relieve his stress with some “working girls”. Maybe with some booty he wouldn’t go around choking things so often…

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Simpsons Intro (Star Wars Style)

Sep 2007

Funny take on the Simpsons intro song, done in the Star Wars universe. Gotta love Homer playing Darth Vader, which actually makes me wonder what an entire episode would be like devoted to that theme. Got that Fox?


Spider-man Pisses Himself

Aug 2007

Ever wonder what happens when your friendly neighborhood Spider-man needs to use the potty? How in the world DOES he get out of that one piece jumpsuit to take a leak? This vid (British I think?) takes a funny look at what probably happens when the camera’s aren’t running and he’s not saving New York from some wacko villain.