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Newest Trailer – Dark Knight Rises

Jun 2012

The latest trailer for the upcoming Batman movie from Chris Nolan, Dark Knight Rises. Much more Catwoman and Bane action in this glimpse of this highly anticipated final installment.


Latest Terminator Salvation Trailer… Hella Cool

Mar 2009

For those salivating at the idea of the new Terminator movie starring Christian “don’t call me psycho” Bale, here is the latest trailer with all kinds of destructive cyborg goodness. We’re hoping this one tides you guys over until it hits theaters May 19th, but we’re not betting on it.


Terminator Salvation – New HD Trailer

Jul 2008

Just caught this new Terminator movie trailer while watching the new Batman Dark Knight flick this past week. And yes, that’s Christian Bale playing the starring role as John Connor, the predestined savior of mankind set to the backdrop James Cameron’s post apocalyptic vision.

Which brings up the next great question, how can one man be so lucky to be both Batman and John Connor? Do you think him and Shia Labeouf have secret meetings deciding which of them will play a prominent role in some of the coolest sequels/remakes of the decade?

Although, picturing Christian Bale as the savior of mankind seems much more likely than that whiny Ed Furlong in T2: Judgment Day.