Halo Reach

Sep 2010

The much anticipated Halo: Reach is releasing in less than a week and is expected to be Bungies final explosive entry into the Halo series.  For those uninitiated in the Halo lore, the main story arc with our favorite hero, Master Chief, ended with Halo 3, but Bungie decided that their final game will chronicle the fall of the human colony “Reach” which will be an epic battle that encompasses the fall of the planet to the covenant.

With new improvments to the graphics engine and multiple additions to the multiplayer (jetpacks and a more refined “forge”) this can be a great farewell to a developer that has yet to do wrong with their baby. Heres hoping to a few nods, if not a part of the story, dedicated to the Chief himself. Till then enjoy this wallpaper and awsome video (also in the vein of badass videos released before each of their games). I will post my thoughts as soon as I get a copy in my hands next week.

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