Big Apple Comicon 2009

Oct 2009

Wow, what a great weekend.  Filled with movie stars, famous artists, upcoming game previews and anything else you could want (assuming you have a single nerd bone in your body).

Stars ranging from Billy Dee Williams to Thomas Jayne were in attendance giving photo ops and autographs, while in the artists alley, you can get autographs of prints or even custom Comic covers or artwork drawn on the spot for you.

We have a number of picks to give a little taste of the Big Apple Comicon ’09 after the jump!

Comicon Attendees Getting a Chance to Demo the Upcoming Darksiders Video Game

Special guest appearance by the man himself, Jim Lee.

And what is a comic convention without some Star Wars Dress-up!

Nintendo had one of the larger setups, with various kiosks allowing users to interact with their various Nintendo Wii and DS products.

Linda Hamilton was one of the many Sci-Fi superstars on hand to give out autographs and photo ops. Secretly, I was waiting for the T-1000 to maul dozens of people in the crowd en route to getting Linda's signature.

William Shatner lead the way among many other famous Star Trek cast members (original and recent) to attend the show.

More Star Wars Cosplay during the show. This young Anakin used the force to blur our shot.

As seems to be the case at all of these shows, previous and current stars of professional wrestling made an appearance. Of course, none with a larger setup than the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair.

This guy makes an appearance at every show, and always does a fantastic job of creating some huge chalk image usually done by Jim Lee or someone of that calibur. Only sad part is that the images are created, only to be washed away after the show!

Here's a closer shot of the guy above at work.

Among the many famous artists, was James O'Barr who created the original Crow comic series and was the inspiration for the movies that came afterwards.

Thomas Jane was among the featured guests, and probably drew one of the bigger lines of people waiting for his signature. Unfortunately for fans, Tom was promoting his new show "Hung," instead of donning his Punisher getup.

Not to be left out, these three Cylon Six models were found roaming the show promoting the upcoming DVD releases of Battlestar Galactica.

John Schneider, best known for his characters Jonathan Kent (Smallville) and Bo Duke (Dukes of Hazzard) was another special guest giving out signatures and was actually every bit as nice as the father of Superman and Kansas farmer would be.

With working flux capacitor, this Delorean made many a show fan giddy with excitement as they walked by.

More Delorean goodness. Hey, I don't remember the Doc Brown installing a small LCD in the door!

Now here's a cool piece of history caught on camera. Apparently this pencil sketch is the original Mickey Mouse drawing on the planet. They looked pretty legit and I never knew Walt Disney himself, so I'll take their word for it.

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