Peace Walker

Oct 2009

Wow.  Its been more than a year since the phenominal MGS4 seemingly closed out the Metal Gear saga.  After a ride that was as amazing to watch as it was to experience, everyone knew they would try to keep the series alive, but havent quite figured out how after that.  Well this trailer that premiered at TGS09 is to try and fill out the gaps between Big boss and Solid Snake.  Note, playing MGS3 and Portable Ops would make it much more exciting, but even the passive MGS fan will be excited to see why Big Boss turned out the way he did.

     Just to fill out a little history from memory, just to help understand the trailer.  Big Boss (Snake) was forced to kill his mentor/hero the Boss to help prevent some bad bad stuff (being vague on purpose except for what they show in the trailer, these are the events of MGS3).  Being disillusioned with fighting for a country (the US) Snake takes the time to to save the world and create a group of what is called nomads in the trailer, which is comprised of soldiers that have been abandoned or mistreated by thier respective countries.  Snake being the only person known for his combat prowess and being an overall hero leads these men into lives untethered by their home countries (MGS portable ops).   This pretty much brings you to the events of the trailer with Snake and his band, fighting for what they believe in, not what their countries tell them too, which if anyone knows MGS history leads to the very first game and its story of Outer Haven. 

Ive left out a lot of the story and the good details, but all the hardcore fans will know all this and more, and will just enjoy the trailer.

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