Best of Alex Ross Paintings (Batman)

Feb 2009

Alex Ross - Batman

Alex Ross - Batman





  1. the problem with ross is that he uses only a handful of models, including himself, for his paintings and thats why most of his characters looks ridiculously similar. don’t get me wrong i love his work but its offputting at times to see some superheroes ending up looking like twins. this is most evident in his poster type covers for kingdom come and the like.


  3. This Guy Can Suck My Balls Bat Man Sucks

  4. shopped, you can see the pixels

  5. Why say anything? No one cares if you think batman sucks, don’t comment if you think he sucks.

    What’s shopped? It’s a fucking drawing you dumb shit.

    People are retarded.

    • Josh,

      You are retarded if you think people are still serious about the shopped thing. Lighten up.

  6. alex ross is boss

  7. Very nicely done. Good work.

  8. I think Alex Ross’s best works are “Kingdom Come” and the portraits shown at the opening credits of “Spiderman 2”.

    Check them out

  9. I agree totally photoshopped, blatant use of pixels

  10. Alex Ross set a new standard for Comic book art when he created the Artwork for “kingdom Come” KICK ASS! is all I can say. And, the mere fact that you think it was shopped is a testament to his skills…he may use a limited range of models, including himself, but at least there is consistency to the depictions of the characters. Batman always looks like batman, as does superman, wonderwoman, and even Captain marvel Shazaam!!!!!! Check out his renderings in the Marvel Universe as well…Pretty Damn awesome.

  11. Batman is all ways rhe shit esppecially when he in paint

  12. i love those “shopped” comments!
    dang idjits! 😛
    of course you can see pixels. they’re scanned paintings.

  13. Batman does suck.

    • At last! Someone who undrsetadns! Thanks for posting!

  14. Batman is gay.

  15. not cool guys. not cool. alex ross paid me bank to do these, show some respec

  16. Alex Ross is just remarkable. One of the finest artists to work in comic books for a long time.

  17. Alex Ross wins. He is amazing. He does all of his concept art in oils. If anyone draws/paints, they can respect that fact. Whether or not you think Batman is gay (which he is not), you need to appreciate just how spectacular these paintings are.

  18. ur ALL retarded alex ross really drew n painted these pictures so geta life of ur own instead of sittin @ home n criticising a great artist

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    • Thanks for the feedback! We certainly appreciate any suggestions or comments (positive or negative) in ways to improve the site.

      In general we need to improve our mobile accessibility, and the larger issue of keeping the content fresh. Thanks again!

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