2008 Wizard World Philadelphia

Jun 2008
Wizard World 2008 Philadelphia

Wizard World 2008 Philadelphia

We’ve finally wrapped up our weekend at Wizard World here in Philadelphia. Come check out some of the pics we grabbed while we were there after the jump!

Hulk Statue

A pic of an immense Hulk statue that greeted everyone at the front door of the show. No doubt a promotional plug by DC for its upcoming movie, word was that the CG Hulk wasn’t able to make the show.

Real Hulk

The Original Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) talking to the press about his thoughts on the upcoming Hulk movie starring Ed Norton Jr.

Sidewalk Art Hero

Caught this guy drawing a well-known super hero collage on the convention floor during the show. He also had quite a few pictures of other sidewalks he’s adorned with some great artistic detail. But it’s hard to imagine what becomes of his work AFTER the show ends!

Billy Tucci Shi Artist

Here’s a quick pic we got of Billy Tucci as he was drawing a custom cover for one of the show fans. Bill Tucci is best known for his work on Shi, the very popular Japanese heroine that has sold over 4 million comics for about ten years running. It’s also been confirmed that there will be a big screen adaptation of the Shi character, which is currently being written by Kevin Burnhardt and Tucci himself.

Jedi school training

As at all shows of this caliber, the Jedi knights were out in full force banging away at each other with their plastic light saber/glow sticks. No Sith Lords were harmed during the filming of this shot.

Shady StormTrooper

Yet more Star Wars dress-up action as this solder from the famous 501st legion was caught snooping at the notes of a Wizard World attendee. Perhaps she’s got the plans for the Death Star?

R2 Remote Control

In keeping up with the Star Wars action going on at the show, we walked into this little droid unit that appeared to be functioning on its own accord. That was until we noticed the “man behind the curtain” actually moving this little R2 unit VIA remote control. Where does he get those wonderful toys?


A pic of the Baroness taking aim at not-so-real GI Joe with her orange muzzled toy gun. Laugh all you want, but this version of the famous 80’s cartoon villain makes us wonder why our toys didn’t look this good!

Wizard World Philadelphia


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