Actor Playing New Joker Found Dead

Jan 2008

Heath Ledger Joker

Heath Ledger, the actor playing the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie, was found dead in his New York apartment from what appeared to be an unintentional overdose of prescription medication. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this very talented actor who passed well before his time.


  1. i miss you

  2. R.I.P. man

  3. *Cries* I want him back!!!!!! This isn’t fair. 😦 He was too young to die! 😦


  5. i cant beleive hes gone—this is the worst thing that happened

  6. more proof that: DRUGS KILL

  7. This cold world is so damn cruel!It ain´t fair that a young talentet actor like heath has passed away.I love an miss him endlessly.I´m crying inside.I want him back.R.I.P. my little sweetheart God bless you your Melody

  8. Dito deverdad qie no es justo. Yo soy fanatiko de el y de el personaje de joker deverdad que es muy triste lo que paso dios lo kuide. Rip….att.jok3r89

  9. Heath was so hot! i want you back. we love you heath! RIP AND GOD BLESS YOUR BEATIFUL SOUL

  10. I couldn’t believe that one of the best actors of this generation died…I really loved his joker.
    Rest In Peace great man your body died but soul is still here with us.

  11. no one could of done it better

    for real man ledger will never be forgotten

  12. well at least for his last performance he did the best any one could do he totally like ripped off his former acting self and put himself into the joker and played him like he really was the joker and this act im sure will not be forgotten

  13. I cant belevi theat the best joker has died he totaly colud have made the rest of the batman movies
    even though he only started in this one he beat all the onther batman movies hands down no one is ever going to be a better joker and that is no joke!!!!

  14. omg i love u i miss u and i love you acting

  15. he had it coming, the joker position is cursed. every actor that plays the joker goes crazy or dies. that is why he died he was so into it he was scared, couldn’t sleep then over dosed on sleeping pills. 😦

  16. awwwwwwwww
    i luv ur movies so much
    u was so sexi n good lukin asweelllll i will
    miss u madly

  17. I Just Went To See The New Batman Film Today , He’s An Amazin Actor R.I.P XX

  18. i literally cried when u died heath… i wish i knew u as a friend i wuda told u not to fuck with pills.. … im so deeply sad that u have passed and hopefully if there is an afterlife i will see u there and fucking hug u man and then say FUCK YOU for dyng

  19. From Ledger to Ledgend…..RIP Heath, prayers and thoughts are with you till the end.

  20. heath ledger was the best joker of them all and every body who has seen the new batman film defanatly know he is a great actor and he will be rememberd for decades. Rest In Peace.

  21. Postum Oscar. Well done. Two thumbs up!!

  22. What incredible irony. Whoever designed this poster must be gutted now. Heath, man, I can only assume you’re not suffering. You looked rough just before you did it.

  23. WHYYY?!?!?!? Heath Ledger was like the best actor ever. The first movie with him in it was “the knights tale” and it was a hit and hooked me on. now his last movie “the dark knight” he dies? he is the best actor i will ever know. I can’t even tell the joker was him. Along with the voice too. Everyone pray for Heath Ledger! Make overuse of medicine super illegal. I see a new side of being hollywood famous. Stress. Annoyance. Death. Maybe some happiness along with it. Pray everyone that Ledger will stay safe in heaven and smile every second in his afterlife paradise. c ya pplz. Good Bye Heath Ledger.

  24. i love you heath!!!:( why did you have to go and die!!!! why not somone else!!! i kno ppl will hate me for this but why couldent brad pitt die instead!!!! he is so not as hot or funny as you! you had the BEST smile EVER! “in ten things i hate about you” you look soooo incredibly HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love you!!! i love you!!! i love you!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! even in batman, with ur face all cut up you looked soooooooooooooooo sexy, not many guys can pull that off!!! do u know how many girls will have realy considered suicide after you died!!! i love you!!!

  25. its so sad.we all miss you.rest in peace

  26. Well…at least his performance of The Joker was absolutely fantastic.

  27. What’s with the fake fanmade movie poster? I can’t believe people actually use these things and pass them around…

  28. u were amazing man.
    rest in peace my man.

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