Ultimate Warrior is Out of Control!

Nov 2007

Oh man. Someone forwarded me this clip of the Ultimate Warrior from back in the day, and I absolutely had to post it. Growing up I absolutely adored this guy (though he always played second to the Hulkster) and always thought his rants were intense and entertaining. In retrospect, his rants were VERY INTENSE and ENTERTAINING, but not in a good way.

Growing up I heard his heart exploded from all of the drug use, but I guess that wasn’t true. Check out his wiki page to get more dirt on how this crazy character rose to stardom, and ultimately how he fell from fame.

One comment

  1. And i still wonder havin just a headache,and havend held a hand by my broken teeth.Did u neva beeet up the flair.
    some day we will sit apart in that never renamed former place and we will be friends.

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