Chuck Norris Jeans… INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Oct 2007

Chuck Norris Jeans Ad

Part joke, part reality, this little gem from the eighties features Chuck Norris endorsed denim jeans. I love how they feature a lifetime warranty. It should include an asterisk stating “guaranteed to last for as long as Chuck Norris allows you to live.”


  1. ok, it’s 2007 and my action jeans finally wore out, where do i send for my replacements?

  2. Haha, you need to ask Chuck directly and if you survive you get your money back.

  3. I still have a pair of these and would kill for some more.

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  4. need to know flexable

  5. size looks flexable strenth

  6. totaly gay

  7. These things are awesome, mine are not even worn out at all, I also wear them as pj’s. So I can wake up and kick some ass

  8. Chuck Norris puts jeans on just like everyone else: one leg at a time. Unfortuneately they’re your legs and when Chuck Norris is done with you they’re no longer attached to your body!

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