Jet Li vs. 20 Black Belts

Sep 2007

Okay, so I’m not sure how Jet Li would fair in a real fight against twenty black belts. But something tells me it would be much uglier and not as well choreographed as this. That being said, I still think Jet Li kicks ass and can kick through walls on his way to saving the world from terrorists. Aren’t movies great?

Catch another great fight scene from the same movie (Kiss of the Dragon) after the jump.

One comment

  1. Good point. The 80 Page Giant series as you moientn, had two Batman issues (5 12), and they then called other issues in the main Batman title 80 Page Giants . They did this in other DC titles as well. DC’s very first Silver Age Annual was Superman Annual #1 (October 1960). Superman was also featured in 80 Page Giant #1 (it was going to be Superman Annual #9). 80 Page Giant #15 was devoted to World’s Finest and featured Batman and Superman.Even though DC used the 80 Page Giant issues as annuals , when they brought back Batman Annual in 1982 and Superman Annual in 1983, they picked up the numbering from the annuals they published until 1963 and 1964 before the 80 Page Giant series began.The last of the stand alone 80 Page Giant series was number 15 (October 1965), and they then moved to the main character titles. In all, DC published 89 80 Page Giants, the last being Justice League of America #93 (80 Page Giant #89 July 1971). The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide (38th Ed.) has a complete list of all 89 80 Page Giant issues under their listing for 80 Page Giant (page 585).Of course, don’t forget DC’s 100 Page Super Spectacular series, but that’s for another post!

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