Greatest American Hero – Retro Cool

Sep 2007

I was talking with some of my old college buddies and was reminded of this show. It was good clean family humor from the 80s. For the kiddies out there, it is about a schoolteacher that got this super hero suit from aliens in order to save/change the world, but he didn’t get the instruction manual to use it. Slapstick moments would appear as he ran into walls or discovered a new ability that he didn’t know how to turn off.

I may just have to pick up the DVD set tomorrow.

This has been an “Ahku Joint” (not Spike Lee)

See a video of what happened to our hero 25 years later after the jump.

Why do we drive our heroes to drinking? If only we gave him the appreciation he deserves. For shame for shame.

Be sure to leave a comment about an episode you remembered while reading this. Ah the memories.

Believe it or not I can has teh booze….

Get the Wikipedia entry here.

-ahku can you Digg?

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