Rocky Defeats USSR

Jul 2007

To show that we at FavoriteHero love democracy as much as the next guy (boo the other guy), here is a Rocky montage as our favorite Philly brawler sticks it to communism. Is it any wonder that with speeches like this, the USSR finally crumbled soon thereafter? “If I can change, and you can change… EVERYBODY CAN CHANGE!”



  1. Only in the movies can a short guy from Philly beat a younger, steroid enhanced, Russian giant. вряд ли I say! вряд ли (“unlikely” in comrade speak according google)!

  2. Ahku, thou art a villain… err Communist. Break down your Berlin wall and join Democracy!

  3. Nope, definitely a capitalist. I work in mergers and acquisitions.

  4. Yeah, so does China.

  5. Yeah Rocky!! Anyone see the new Rocky? Any good?

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