Ivan Drago Rules the World

Jul 2007

I just wanted to bring some Ivan love to help you get the through the last stretch of the Monday blues.Watch out because he might break you. And yes indeed, Ivan Drago Rules the world.



  1. that, and with a title like, “The Truth Hurts,” I just couldn’t rseist:I found it interesting that in the past 24-48 hours, you failed to mention anything, ZERO, about Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, and the clusterfuck that he has brought upon our Country, our new President Elect, the State of IL., as well as the Democratic Party. He has now basically ignored Obama’s call to quit, figuratively flipping him off.Didn’t something similar occur with Sen. Ted Stevens in Alaska, after he was convicted? You were all over (and over) that, I recall. Perhaps the real “Mockery” is that after 16 years in the news industry, you never learned the words fair, equal, or impartial. Instead, you’ve recently claimed that with the election over, you’ve worried about what to write about next. You’ve recently talked about other CNN’ers getting canned, the dead horse about Obama’s birth and eligibility for the Office, your masturbating habits during your youth circa the mid to late 80’s, and Portia De Rossi’s vagina. That’s truly the real Killing Joke. Indeed, the truth does hurts. J.K. (no, it’s not Jon Klein either, just a coincidence.)(Yeah, right, I know, what’s the standard… oh, thanks for reading, and Fuck me!)

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