Mystery Movie: 1/18/08

Jul 2007

This movie trailer debuted with the new Transformers movie, and there has since been alot of discussion online about what it could possibly be about. We see a series of explosions, and what appears to be the Statue of Liberty being blown to pieces.

Unfortunately their movie website doesn’t offer a whole lot more information for us to sink our teeth into. What we do know, is that this movie is being produced by J.J. Abrams who is best known for his work in Alias, Lost, and Mission Impossible 3.

Not sure if this movie even has any relevance to the content of this website, but considering that alot of stuff seems to blow up, I imagine that there has to be some sort of badass protagonist that we haven’t seen yet. Then again, we could just have Tom Cruise running around with his daughter without any real plot ever developing (see War of the Worlds).

Apple has just released the infamous trailer, so you can now download it for your iPod, see it in fullHD 1080p, or everything in between.


  1. My theory: Godzilla. Oh yeah.

  2. Interesting theory, but is the world ready for another Godzilla movie?

    • You have shed a ray of shunsine into the forum. Thanks!

  3. You’re dumb. Paramount doesn’t own the rights to Godzilla. Go away.

  4. Yeah, but maybe they’ve gained the rights to the mighty MOTHRA!!

  5. its about an alien attacking and destroying new york

    its a totaly new monster

    the name of the movie is


  6. […] tuned because I am working on a Cloverfield (1-18-08) series of the info I have been […]

  7. 1. this movie is not a remake
    2. this movie is not godzilla,war of worlds 2 ect.
    3. this movie is about and alien
    4. m you are correct paramount does not own godzilla
    5. this movie is beleived to be about an alien some believed this alien has once fought in a godzilla game the only true facts are that this is apocalypse the day humanity dies (new york only for now)
    6. if you pause frame the the exsplosion you will see the face of this alien these are facts i have gotten so far from the movie

  8. Check out my latest blog post.
    ive got some dirt on cloverfield.

  9. Abnormally well written writing

  10. You couldn’t be more factual

  11. That was a frankly amazing read.

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