Batman’s New Squeeze

Jun 2007

Maggie GyllenhaalKatie Holmes

For those that haven’t yet heard, Katie Holmes will not be reprising her role as Rachel Dawes in the upcoming Batman movie. She stated scheduling issues coinciding with her other movie projects (and the ever possible return of Xenu) has led Mrs. Cruise… er Holmes to decline the return role. Instead Batman fans will be treated to, in my opinion, a much better leading actress in one Maggie Gyllenhaal (whom I look forward to marrying, if only to make the spelling of her last name a reasonable task).

Here are some pics of Maggie G while on set of the new Batman flick, due out in the Summer of 2008.


  1. Maggie Gyllenhall is an unamerican left wing b#@$%. I hope she dies on the set. Bring back Kim Bassinger as Batman’s woman!!!!!!

  2. Maggie is an absolutely beautiful woman, and I think she is perfect for Batman.

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